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You will get your hula hoop from us to match your wishes.


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Welcome to Hoop Berlin

Your hula hoop manufacturer from Berlin for dance and fitness hoops in many sizes and colors.

Have fun browsing.

The Hula Hoop finder

This is how you find the right hula hoop

Recommendation for beginners

With a lot of grip tape for better adhesion for the start in the hula hoop sport.

For the start in the hula hoop sport, we recommend sufficiently large Hula Hoops that fit your waist circumference, because there are no Hoops that are too big, only too small. Equipped with plenty of grip tape for better adhesion to your clothes, these hoops make it easier for you to learn the right swing.

Hoopdance Hula Hoops

Hoop Dance as a way of life - enjoy the dance with your hoop.

Hula Hooping is not just a sport and it can also be more than fun. Hoop dancing is a passion, it is a feeling felt by those who become one with their dance hoop. Find your dance hoop and dare the first dance.

Standard fitness Hula Hoops

Our popular 25mm hoops for a comfortable on-body or gym hooping. 

For an effective fitness workout or just on-body hooping with a hula hoop you don't need weight but endurance and speed. We make our 25mm hula hoops to fit you and you don't have to worry about bruises or pain.

For advanced fitness hoopers

For advanced fitness hoopers we offer our 32mm hula hoops.

If you like it a little heavier, you don't need 2-3 kg Hula Hoops with waves or knobs but these 32mm Hula Hoops with a weight of approx. 1kg and a diameter of 100cm. Here we manufacture all sizes up to 120cm as desired.

Our guide to fitness and health with hula hoops 

Let us advise you on the right size, weight and strength of our hula hoops. Everyone needs a matching hula hoop because everyone is different.