What and who is Hoop Berlin

Hello, we are Madlen and Torsten from Berlin and we founded Hoop Berlin. From our hobby Hula Hoop we have developed a passion and want to share it with others - no matter if beginner or professional. We love to advise you and to be able to share our passion with you.

Madlen's story

I've never been an avid sports fan, but I've never really had the good fortune of having to do sports, otherwise I might have discovered my passion for the hula hoop earlier.  

Hula Hoop has awakened in me the joy of sport, strengthened my abdominal, back and pelvic floor muscles and noticeably improved my cardio fitness. There is no need for pain or torture with tires that are too heavy or too small.


It all started a few years ago. My closet refused to dress me properly, not quite unannounced. In short: I had become too "cuddly" to fit into my clothes. So a decision was made: I will lose weight. Goal? Fit into my favorite pair of jeans (last 10 years ago).


One thing was logical from the start: the more sport I do, the less I have to go hungry to lose weight. But what if you are a complete couch potato? There should be people who enjoy sports. Unfortunately I wasn't one of them. And it's not like I haven't tried everything: jogging, cross trainer, cross training, strength training, jump rope, gymnastics, yoga... No matter what I did, it was all an agony and a necessary evil for me.


My kids were playing in the garden one day with my old hula hoop from my childhood: "Mom, can you do that too"? Clear! At least that's what I thought - it was really easy as a child.... But suddenly it just didn't work. That aroused my ambition and I didn't give up until it finally worked. And that with an 85 cm children's tire! And it was fun - I had fun!


Infected by hula fever, a fitness tire should come from. It was supposed to have weight, that's what was recommended everywhere - so I ordered one. The initial joy was quickly spoiled, however, because I got a lot of bruises and it was very painful to hump around with the tire. Some time later I even had back pain . In hindsight it was logical: 1.6 kg pounded my spine round after round!


A solution had to be found - because I definitely had fun, but unfortunately I didn't have the right tires yet. When looking for a solution, it turned out once again what a good team my husband and I make: Torsten is the builder, the perfectionist, the craftsman who knows all the materials and tools. And I'm there for the creative chaos, the hobbyist with lots of ideas and a passion for beautiful things.


We would like to make it possible for everyone to get into this sport with the right tire. Without too much weight or the lack of success due to tires that are too small.


That's why we build hula hoops for you. Individually tailored to individual needs, made with love and passion. A tire that is guaranteed to suit you - because luckily we are all different.

your girls

Meine Kinder spielten einen Tages mit meinem alten Hula Hoop aus meiner Kindheit im Garten: „Mama, kannst du das auch“? Klar! Dachte ich zumindest – war ja als Kind ganz einfach.... Aber plötzlich klappte es einfach nicht. Das hat meinen Ehrgeiz geweckt und ich ließ so lange nicht locker, bis es endlich geklappt hat. Und das mit einem 85 cm Kinderreifen! Und es war lustig – ich hatte Spaß!


Vom Hula-Fieber infiziert, sollte ein Fitnessreifen her. Er sollte Gewicht haben, so wurde es überall empfohlen – also habe ich einen bestellt. Die anfängliche Freude war aber schnell getrübt, da ich viele blaue Flecken bekam und es sehr schmerzhaft war mit dem Reifen zu hulern. Einige Zeit später kamen sogar Rückenschmerzen hinzu. Im Nachhinein logisch: 1,6 kg donnerten Runde für Runde gegen meine Wirbelsäule!


Eine Lösung musste her – denn Spaß hatte ich definitiv, nur leider noch nicht den richtigen Reifen. Bei der Suche nach einer Lösung stellte sich mal wieder heraus, was für ein gutes Team mein Mann und ich sind: Torsten ist der Bauherr, der Perfektionist, der Handwerker der alle Materialien und Werkzeuge kennt. Und ich bin für das kreative Chaos da, die Bastlerin mit den vielen Ideen und der Leidenschaft für schöne Dinge.


Wir möchten gern jedem ermöglichen mit dem richtigen Reifen in diesen Sport einzusteigen. Ohne zu viel Gewicht oder den ausbleibenden Erfolgen durch zu kleine Reifen.


Darum bauen wir für euch Hula Hoops. Individuell auf die einzelnen Bedürfnisse abgestimmt, mit Liebe und Herzblut hergestellt. Ein Reifen der garantiert zu dir passt – denn zum Glück sind wir alle unterschiedlich.

Eure Madlen

Torsten's story

Unlike Madlen, I've been carrying a few kilos too much with me for a long time, but since I'm naturally a rather strong guy, it was only noticeable through increasing pant sizes. I looked at Madlen's plan for quite a while - 6 months to be exact and then I noticed the change Hula Hoop had made in her.  

My wife had found a sport that she really and truly enjoys, with which she wants to and can really work out or just dance elegantly and gracefully. Behind every strong man there is a woman who has to kick his ass and that's how it was with me. I couldn't get over the fact that my two daughters and my wife enjoy hula-hooping and I don't.

So I started trying. I'd be lying if I said it worked from the start because it didn't. It took me hours, days, weeks until I could let the hula hoop circle around my hips without thinking, also in both directions and at the pace I want to set and I learned as much as my wife.

In addition to the right technology, the tire size was of course important . I also tried the standard tires from the big mail order companies and was disappointed. I hadn't noticed much other than pain and bruising , especially no fun. The tires that could be bought there all up to 100cm did not suit me.  

So Madlen and I started building hula hoops ourselves, first just for ourselves, then for friends and family and finally we decided to share our experiences and knowledge with everyone else and now a large part of our day consists of to advise you hula hoop lovers and to build you the hoops that fit your body. I like to say it again and again... we are all different and that's a good thing .

Your Torsten